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Clash of Nodes Challenges

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Clash of Nodes incentivized testnet, where a series of dynamic challenges await. Engage in rigorous network testing, vie for points, and vie for potential rewards.

Before You Start

Please be aware that this document doesn't include the full spectrum of challenges within the campaign; additional challenges will be unveiled and highlighted as the campaign progresses.

We're carefully rolling out the campaign with a select group to ensure quality and precision. If you've been invited, instructions are on their way. For our wider community, please know that while the initial spots are limited, this is just one of many opportunities we're excited to share with you. Your continued support is vital to us, and we're looking forward to involving more of you as we grow.


Please find the associated Terms and Conditions here.

Please also make sure to read and adhere to the established rules and guidelines for the Clash of Nodes campaign, available here. This will ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

List of Challenges

Discover the challenges that are currently active and prepare for the other ones:

Status Legend

  • 🟒 = Active
  • 🟑 = Upcoming
  • ⏸️ = Paused
  • βœ”οΈ = Completed
Challenge NameCategoryDescriptionWho Can ParticipateScoring MetricsStatus
Dymension RollAppsStacks/AppsLaunch Avail-powered RollApps or migrate existing RollApps to utilize Avail as a DA layer.Anyone** TVL rise and user engagement metricsβœ”οΈ
Madara - Karnot AppchainsStacks/AppsLaunch Avail-powered Starknet Appchains using Madara and Karnot.AnyoneChain usage and user engagement metricsβœ”οΈ
Noble WarriorBasicsShow your valor by adhering to the noble principles of validation.ValidatorsNegative points for: times offline, times slashedβœ”οΈ
Attacking the TreasuryAttacksDiscover and exploit potential vulnerabilities in the treasury or burn mechanism.AnyoneNumber of successes and failures reports🟒
Magic Nomination PoolsStaking/RewardsAre you able to create nomination pools and nominate validators?Pool CreatorsSize of pool membersβœ”οΈ
To The StakeStaking/RewardsAim to amplify your validator backing by securing a greater number of nominations during the testnet marathon.ValidatorsTotal amount stakedβœ”οΈ
Finding YourselfBasicsEstablish your presence by registering and confirming your identity on the network.AnyoneIdentities added and verifiedβœ”οΈ
Max Balance Transfer PointsBasicsDemonstrate your prowess by executing as many transfers as possible across the network.Anyone**Showcase your consistent participation by executing one transfer per day across the network.βœ”οΈ
Gladiator's EntryBasicsEnter the fray by setting up as a validator. Your mission: author as many blocks as you can, outlasting your rivals.ValidatorsNumber of blocks authoredβœ”οΈ

If you came looking for more information on the light client challenge, please note that the challenge is NOT a part of the Clash of Nodes campaign. Go to this page for more information on the light client challenge.

** Note: Migrating an established RollApp with (high) TVL to Avail for data availability does not confer any competitive advantage. The challenge is structured to ensure fairness, treating both newly launched RollApps and those with existing TVL and activity on equal footing.