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Backup your validator

How to Backup Your Avail Validator

Understanding Validator Directories

Before diving into backup procedures, it's crucial to understand the directory structure of your Avail node.

Directory Structure

The Avail node's directory structure is as follows:

└── chains
    └── da_testnet
        └── db
        └── keystore
        └── network

Directory Descriptions

  • db: This directory contains the database files, which store blockchain state, transaction history, and other data.
  • keystore: This is where the encrypted key files for your Validator are stored.
  • network: This directory contains configuration files related to network connectivity and peer management.

You can specify a custom directory using the --base-path parameter.

Step 1: Re-Sync or Restore Snapshot

To Re-Sync from Genesis

Run the following command:

avail purge-chain

To Restore a Database Snapshot

  1. Stop your node.
  2. Delete existing chain data.
  3. Download a snapshot from another node.
  4. Restore the snapshot to the db folder.

Warp sync will be available in future releases, allowing quicker node setup.

Step 2: Backup Keystore

To Move Keystore to a Backup Node

  1. Ensure the primary node is offline.
  2. Transfer the keystore to a backup node that is in sync.

Never run two nodes with identical keys at the same time to avoid double-signing.

This method is not recommended for routine transitions between nodes. For safer alternatives, consult the Upgrading Guide.