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Network Info

Network Information

As of now, Goldberg is the only supported testnet on Avail. Kate is officially deprecated. We will keep this page updated with the latest information on new networks.

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Please note that the token symbol for Avail DA has been changed from AVL to AVAIL. The Goldberg testnet however will carry on with the legacy symbol AVL. All future testnets and the mainnet will use the new symbol AVAIL.

Goldberg Testnet
Explorerhttps://goldberg.avail.tools (opens in a new tab)
RPC Endpointhttps://goldberg.avail.tools/api (opens in a new tab)
WS Endpointwss://goldberg.avail.tools/ws
Chain Specchainspec.raw.json (opens in a new tab)
Chain Infochaininfo.txt (opens in a new tab)
Node Versionv1.10.0.0 (opens in a new tab)
Light Client Versionv1.7.6 (opens in a new tab)

Pioneering Blockchain Modularity

The Goldberg Testnet is the latest test network of the Avail Project.

Phase One: Laying the Groundwork

The inaugural phase of Avail's testnet served as a sandbox for fundamental operations, including the execution of on-chain functions and the initiation of protocol governance. This phase was instrumental in setting the stage for more advanced testing scenarios.

Phase Two: Expanding the Testing Ecosystem

The second phase aims to provide a robust testing environment designed to foster increased participation from validators. Validators are crucial network participants who leverage their computing resources to validate transactions and fortify network security, often in exchange for token-based rewards.

User Participation on the Testnet

The Kate testnet offers a multitude of avenues for user engagement:

  • Token Acquisition: Users can obtain AVAIL testnet tokens to explore staking and nomination functionalities.
  • Blockchain Development: Users have the freedom to develop modular blockchain applications or chains that integrate with Avail's data layer.
  • Network Roles: Users can opt to join the testnet as either validators or light clients, facilitating data verification processes.

Phase Three: Incentivized Testnet

Avail is now ushering in the Clash of Nodes campaign using the Goldberg testnet. This campaign is a call to action for node operators to participate in an incentivized, real-time testnet environment. It's a critical testbed for Avail's infrastructure, designed to rigorously evaluate its capacity as a foundational layer for the next wave of rollup-centric blockchain ecosystems.