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Welcome to Clash of Nodes


Avail is rapidly advancing modular blockchains and we're calling on node operators to join the Clash of Nodes campaign. This campaign acts as an important proving ground for the Avail network, providing participants with an incentivized, real-time testnet environment. It's designed to rigorously test Avail's capabilities as the base layer poised to support a new generation of rollup-centric blockchain infrastructure.

Who is Clash of Nodes For?

A campaign for everyone.

Light Clients

Join the Clash of Nodes by running a light client and take part in Avail's mission to build a scalable blockchain infrastructure. Avail's light client functionality is uniquely designed to empower anyone, anywhere to participate in the network.


The Clash of Nodes incentivized testnet is an opportunity for validators to engage with Avail's infrastructure in a simulated production environment. Participants will contribute to the network's resilience through a series of challenges, with the potential to earn rewards based on their performance and engagement.

Key Campaign Concepts

The following table serves as a quick reference to understand the various elements that make up the Clash of Nodes campaign.

If there are any unclear concepts about Avail, head over to the glossary for definitions and explanations.

ChallengesTasks or objectives that participants complete to test and strengthen the network. Challenges are designed to assess performance, security, and reliability as they relate to the data availability guarantees of Avail.
PointsA scoring system that rewards participants for completing challenges. Points are tallied on a leaderboard, with potential rewards for top performers.
Nominator PoolsGroups where participants collectively stake tokens to support a validator. This allows users to participate in network validation and earn rewards without running a full node.
RollappsDecentralized applications that use Avail's data availability layer. They are key to testing the network's capacity for handling application data.
DHTDistributed Hash Table, a system used by light clients for efficient data storage and retrieval, crucial for maintaining data availability and integrity.
Vector FunctionalityThe network's capability to interact with other blockchains, enabling functionalities like cross-chain data verification and interoperability.

Requirements to Participate

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Please find the associated Terms and Conditions here.

Please also make sure to read and adhere to the established rules and guidelines for the Clash of Nodes campaign, available here. This will ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants.

If you're new to Avail, check out the End User and Quickstart guides.

1. Show Your Interest

If you're ready to take part in this groundbreaking testnet and haven't yet signed up, now is the time to step forward.

2. Setup Your Environment

To ensure a stable and efficient operation of your node in the Clash of Nodes campaign, the following hardware specifications are recommended:

SpecificationMinimum RequirementsRecommended for Validators
CPU2 cores4 cores or more
RAM4 GB8 GB or more
Disk Space20โ€“40 GB40 GB SSD or more
Operating SystemUbuntu 20.04 LTS or higherUbuntu 20.04 LTS or higher

3. Deploy Your Node

For instructions on setting up and running nodes on the Avail network, please refer to the following guides:

Node TypeGuide Document
Light ClientHow to Run a Light Client
Validator NodeHow to Become a Validator

If you require more information on node types within the Avail network, please consult the Node Types Comparison document.

Ready to Participate?

Head over to the Challenges page to start participating.

Below is a list of essential resources to help you navigate the campaign.

Challenges ListDetailed information on active and upcoming challenges, including objectives, eligibility, and scoring details.
FAQsAnswers to common technical and program-related questions about the Clash of Nodes campaign.
Clash of Nodes Leaderboard (opens in a new tab)The leaderboard for the Clash of Nodes, showing node rankings and statistics.
Clash of Nodes Website (opens in a new tab)The main website for the Clash of Nodes with general information and updates.
Discord Community (opens in a new tab)Join the conversation and get support from the Avail team and community on Discord.