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Clash of Nodes Rules & Guidelines

Rules and Guidelines

The Clash of Nodes is governed by the following rules and guidelines:

1. Terms and Conditions

You must adhere by the Terms and Conditions to participate in the Clash of Node campaign. Please find the associated Terms and Conditions here.

2. Challenges

The core of the competition lies within a series of unveiled challenges, designed to engage validators, light client operators, and enthusiastic community members. The quest kicks off on November 7th, with the first set of challenges. As the testnet progresses, expect new challenges that add complexity and excitement. Watch out for surprise flash challenges—they can appear at any moment!

3. Challenge Duration

Challenges are diverse in length—some span a few days, while others may last the entire testnet. This ensures ongoing engagement and offers participants varying levels of difficulty.

4. Participants

We invite everyone from our community to join the Clash of Nodes, especially validators and light client operators. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to blockchain, there's a challenge here for you. We aim to foster inclusivity, allowing participants of all skill levels to contribute significantly.

5. Scoring and Rewards

Your challenge performance will translate into points, reflected on our public leaderboard, encouraging a spirited competition. Monitor your progress and see how you rank at any time. Top performers will be recognized with enticing rewards, celebrating their dedication and prowess.

6. Updates

This section is your central hub for all updates on challenges. For the most current information, make it a habit to check in regularly.

We're excited to have you join us for the Clash of Nodes. Your involvement not only bolsters Avail's robustness but also embodies the cooperative ethos of the blockchain community. Prepare for a journey of discovery, rivalry, and reward!