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Building on the Madara Stack with Avail

The Madara stack, when integrated with Avail in a Validium setup, provides a seamless platform for scaling blockchain applications. This integration combines the customizability and Starknet compatibility of Madara with the robust data availability solutions of Avail.

Transaction Lifecycle

  1. Transaction Submission

    • Process: Users initiate transactions which are sent to the Madara-based Validium Sequencer.
    • Role: The Sequencer, leveraging the flexibility of Madara, temporarily holds these transactions.
  2. Batch Processing

    • Component: Customized within Madara's framework.
    • Function: Transactions are batched for efficient processing, leveraging Madara's modular design.
  3. Data Availability with Avail

    • Component: Custom integration within Madara's setup.
    • Function: Batches are published to Avail for data availability, ensuring transparency and accessibility.
  4. State Transition and Proof Generation

    • Component: Utilizes Madara's Starknet compatibility.
    • Function: State transitions are processed, and cryptographic proofs are generated within the Madara environment.
  5. Commitment and Verification

    • Action: Commitments, along with proofs, are anchored to a primary blockchain (e.g., Ethereum), ensuring security and finality.

Key Features

  • Customizability: Madara's Substrate-based framework allows for extensive customization to meet specific blockchain requirements.
  • Starknet Compatibility: Madara's compatibility with Starknet opens a wide array of tools and features for developers.
  • Robust Data Availability: Avail provides a decentralized solution for data availability, crucial for scalability and security in blockchain applications.
  • Flexibility and Interoperability: The combination of Madara and Avail supports a wide range of blockchain architectures and use cases.

Developer Resources

To leverage Madara with Avail, developers are encouraged to refer to the tutorial on creating an Avail-powered validium with Avail. For in-depth information on Madara's features, tools, and configurations, visit Madara Documentation (opens in a new tab).