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Get Testnet Tokens

How to Use the Testnet Faucet

The Avail testnet faucet will be living at faucet.avail.tools (opens in a new tab) for the forseeable future. As of now, this is the only officially supported faucet for Avail DA.

The faucet is designed to distribute small amounts of AVL for testing purposes, not large quantities for validator bonding or similar activities. The current maximum balance a requesting address can have is 100 AVL.

How to Use the Faucet

  1. Create a Substrate account using a compatible wallet. We recommend PolkadotJS (opens in a new tab), Talisman (opens in a new tab), or SubWallet (opens in a new tab).

  2. Go to faucet.avail.tools (opens in a new tab).

Avail online Faucet

  1. Complete the captcha, enter your account address, and click on Get AVLs.

And that's it. You should receive a small amount of AVL in your account shortly.